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City Employees: You can find the current COVID-19 Administrative Directives and Documents here...

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Supervisors Emergency Contacts

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Temporary Telecommuting Agreement (pdf)

Stay informed with Nixle

Get employee safety information first through Nixle

Text COAEMP to 888-777

You will then need to reply with a password to join. The current password is on the Intranet Emergency Prep page

Nixle FAQ

Why are alerts moving to Nixle?

Nixle will push alerts to you via text message and/or email. This is an easier and quicker way for City staff to find out about weather conditions that may affect your work schedule and other emergencies that may affect your safety in your workplace. 

The old “Employee Inclement Weather Line” used to be the primary way of notifying City staff who were not already at work of building closures and other safety information. Based on data from call logs, that line was rarely used and the number universally unknown. 

How many alerts am I going to receive?

This private Nixle City staff group will be used only for weather and workplace safety information. We won’t be texting calls for volunteers, routine blood donations or other activities.

I already signed up for Nixle; am I going to get these alerts? 

No; you are signed up for public emergency alerts through Nixle. This group is a private group for weather and workplace safety messages that affect City staff only.

If this is the primary way of communicating urgent employee safety information, what are the other ways? 

Depending on the severity and extent of an emergency and its effect on services to the public, we may send one or more of the following after sending a Nixle alert:

  • Everyone email 
  • City-wide voicemail
  • Public Nixle alert
  • Posts on FlashAlert
  • Posts on City social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and NextDoor)
  • Information on

Radio, TV and print media all follow our social platforms and post closure or delay information from those posts. 

When in doubt, call your supervisor. That has not changed.

Library staff has a phone line that is used for inclement weather. Is that going away? 

No. In the past, closures at the library have generally followed City Hall closures or decisions by the library director and city manager to close the Library. The Nixle alert will most likely come first, then distribution to our other methods.

If someone has a phone that isn’t a smartphone, does Nixle work? 

Nixle is based on basic text messaging (SMS). All cell phones are capable of sending and receiving text messages. In fact, in a widespread emergency with overloaded phone lines, text messaging is often more successful than voice calls at getting through.

If you’d rather sign up for Nixle using your email address, instead you can.

If you live in an area that has spotty cell phone coverage, how well would this work? 

Hopefully, a cell phone in an area of spotty coverage isn’t someone’s only method of staying in touch. 

Signing up to receive Nixle alerts via email would take care of this unless reliable internet access in that area is also an issue. The information would eventually be distributed using the other methods mentioned above, or you can always call your supervisor on a landline.

What if an employee chooses not to let another party have their personal phone number or personal email address due to privacy concerns after reading the third-party’s policies? 

Signing up for Nixle is voluntary and a personal choice. 

If you choose not to sign up for Nixle, the other services and media listed above will still be updated as in years past. If none of those methods work for you: call your supervisor.

Are we required to check our City email from home if we have a question about whether there is a weather alert? 


If one doesn’t have a cell phone, does the City supply one? 


If you proceed to log into the services linked above, you will be accessing restricted information systems. System usage may be monitored, recorded, and subject to audit. Unauthorized use of these systems is prohibited and may be subject to criminal and civil penalties. Use of these systems indicates consent to monitoring and recording.

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