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Internal Affairs

The Albany Police Department is committed to providing courteous and effective service to all citizens of Albany. Employees are expected to treat every individual with respect, courtesy and dignity.

Every complaint about department operations or employee conduct is taken seriously and is reviewed. We encourage questions or valid complaints about the actions of our employees. Sometimes a complaint is a simple misunderstanding that can be easily resolved, and other complaints require a more formal investigation.

Who may file a complaint?

Any person who witnesses or has direct knowledge of suspected misconduct may contact the Albany Police Department to initiate a complaint. It doesn't matter whether the person making the complaint was directly involved in the incident. Anonymous complaints will be taken. If you decide to remain anonymous, please ensure to provide information about the misconduct that can be proven by other evidence. 

How is a complaint filed?

Generally, complaints are filed through the supervisor of the involved employee. If the employee's supervisor is not known, the complaint may be filed with any supervisor. A complaint may be filed in person, by telephone, fax, online form, or letter. A complaint may also be filed by printing and completing a copy of the Citizen Complaint Form and mailing it in.

Albany Police Department
2600 Pacific Boulevard SW
Albany, OR 97321

If you choose not to use the Citizen Complaint Form, please ensure written correspondence includes the following information:

  • Date, time, and location of the incident
  • Your name, address, and phone number(s)
  • Email Address
  • Albany Police Department case number (if known)
  • Name of Department employee(s) involved
  • A brief description of the complaint 

When making a complaint, simply convey the facts as you know them and be aware that you may be asked specific questions regarding the incident.

Who investigates the complaint?

Complaints filed with the Albany Police Department are reviewed by the division captain. The complaint may be referred to the employee's supervisor for investigation or it can be assigned to a different supervisor depending on the circumstances. It is the Department’s goal to complete investigations within 30 days of receiving the complaint.

The investigation of the complaint will focus on the conduct of the employee. This process cannot address complaints about legal issues such as whether or not a citation should have been issued or determining guilt or innocence in a criminal case. Such complaints are a separate issue which must be decided by the appropriate court.

After the investigation is completed...

You will be notified, by phone or mail, the outcome of the investigation. Following is a list of findings:

The investigation discloses that the alleged act(s) did not occur or did not involve department personnel.
The investigation discloses that the alleged act occurred but that the act was justified, lawful and/or proper.
Not Sustained
The investigation discloses that there is insufficient evidence to sustain the complaint or fully exonerate the employee.
The investigation discloses sufficient evidence to establish that the act occurred and that it constituted misconduct.
Policy Issue
When everything in the complaint is determined to be accurate, including the officer’s actions, but the issue appears to require a modification of policy the finding for the officer should be exonerated. The need for potential policy modification shall be immediately directed to the Chief of Police for action.

What is the disciplinary process?

If a complaint is sustained, corrective training or disciplinary action may occur. The matter will be handled administratively. Records of disciplinary action taken by the Department are considered personnel records and are exempt by law from public disclosure.

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