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The City of Albany frequently requests bids, RFPs, and RFQs for a variety of services and projects. The City invites qualified individuals or organizations to respond to these requests by submitting the required materials in accordance with the posted advertisement.

Event Security Request for ProposalsRFQ/RFP10/18/201911/19/2019
MSP Western National Softball Tournament Host Hotel Sponsorship RFPRFQ/RFP10/21/201911/5/2019
SS-19-03, 2019 Sewer Point RepairsBid9/9/20199/24/2019
W-19-01 Valley View Reservoirs Mixing ImprovementsBid8/20/20199/12/2019
Emergency Vehicle Fleet Maintenance RFPRFQ/RFP8/14/20199/10/2019
Takena Landing Gravel Bar Removal RFQRFQ/RFP8/7/20198/21/2019
PK-19-01, Sunrise Park Path and LightingBid6/24/20197/9/2019
ST-19-05, Waverly Drive: Sidewalk Infill, Curb Ramps, and Crossing ImprovementsBid6/17/20197/3/2019
City Hall Lighting LED Project Bid6/17/20197/2/2019
WL-19-01, Belmont Avenue Area Water Line ReplacementsBid6/17/20197/2/2019
Waterfront Redevelopment DesignRFQ/RFP4/29/20196/4/2019
SS-19-03, 2019 Sewer Point RepairsBid5/13/20195/29/2019
SS-19-05, Riverfront Wet Weather Lift Station and Force MainBid4/22/20195/21/2019
SS-19-01-A, 2019 Pipe Bursting ProjectsBid4/29/20195/15/2019
SS-19-01-B, 2019 Cured-In-Place Pipe ProjectsBid4/29/20195/15/2019
Housing Needs Analysis and Economic Opportunities Analysis and StrategyRFQ/RFP3/27/20195/13/2019
WTP-18-01, Vine Street WTP Accelator ImprovementsBid4/22/20195/9/2019
SS-17-01 Cox Creek Interceptor Improvements Phase 1Bid4/22/20195/7/2019
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