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Maintaining and improving your city streets is just one of the jobs done by your Public Works Department. The picture shows work on 34th Avenue completed in 2001 that was funded through the general obligation bond passed by voters in 1998.

Money for streets is hard to come by. The primary source, the state gas tax, is barely enough to keep up with day-to-day maintenance and urgent repairs. Except for left-over Street Bond money and some franchise fees from water and sewer operations, there is no money available for significant reconstruction of major roads, let alone residential streets.

The city has 311 lane-miles of paved streets to maintain, and another 13.7 lane miles of gravel streets. Each year, about 600 customer work orders and complaints are handled by city crews.

The Street crews also maintain street trees around the city, and each year plant some 300 new street trees to help beautify Albany and retain our status as Tree City USA.

City staff works with people throughout the city to help deal with neighborhood traffic problems. Your staff also works to maintain and update the Transportation System Plan and has been successful is securing grants from federal and state agencies to try and help maintain your transportation system.

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